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Change in Focus

The Center for Historical Fencing is in the process of revamping its programs as a result of our transition to a non-profit school of fencing.  Please bear with us as we update, modify, retire, and add programs.  

Change in format in process

We are in the process of transferring our glossary of historical fencing terminology and our database of fencing masters into a new format, replacing the online text with .pdf documents.

Update to Fencing Master Project

Entry for Archibald McGregor of Paisley Scotland in 1791 updated.

Update to Fencing Master Project

One addition to Eugenio Pini and new listings for Juilliard, Leon Caton, Jean De Turck, Louis Friederich, and James McGregor.  Currently 1102 individuals listed in the Project database.

Update to Fencing Master Project

Listing on Thomas Monstery updated to reflect source of his certification; new Masters listed are Beurnier, the Comte de Montrichard, and Pehr Henrik Ling.

New Publication

In conjunction with the Classical Academy of Arms, CHF has published Broadsword, Sabre, and Cutlass in the 1800s: A study of six sources.  This teaching guide provides detailed information on six sources, ranging from 1804 to 1871, examining the use of the curved blade cut and thrust weapon.  Link t…

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Updates to the Glossary

We have completed updating the Glossary with entries from T. Page’s 1746 text The Use of the Broadsword.  This morning we added 16 terms, increasing the overall number of terms in the Glossary to 276.

Updates to Glossary

We have added 22 additional broadsword terms from T. Page, bringing the total number of terms to 260 in the Glossary.  Our goal for this year  is 500!

Updates to the Glossary

We are now working with T. Page's 1746 broadsword text.  Thirteen new terms have been added, and we expect to be able to complete listing terms from his work this week.

Fencing Master Project Updates

Entry for Generoso Pavese updated; new update for Louis Tronchet.

Added Sections

We have added a new section with information on our 2015 Online Poster Session - entries are due 1 December 2015.  Also added is a form on the Club page for Center members to use in listing their clubs with the Center.

Article Added in Teaching Page

We have added article number 6 in our series of articles on teaching "The Flourish and Breaking the Four Guards."  This article shows the application of a flourish to a specific problem in teaching tactical choices in the Liechtenauer longsword tradition.  The process used can be used for other teac…

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Website Updates

We have almost completed the transfer of our site to the new format.  The only page remaining is the Membership information page which should be up and operational on 2015-06-15.

Website Updates

Transfer of the old database of the Fencing Master Project is complete.  In addition, we have completed transfer of the Fellow program requirements. 

Fencing Master Project

We are now updated to contain all listings from the old database through R.  Minor problems in translating the data tables have been fixed, and the transfer should be completed by 2015-06-15.

Fencing Master Project

We have completed transfer of records for professionals A through L to this site.  We expect to complete the remainder of the transfer tomorrow.

Glossary Transfer Complete

The Glossary from our original site has been transferred in total to this site.  You can expect to see new terms start to appear in the list shortly.


In the Glossary we are now complete from T to Z, and expect to be able to finish transfer of the Glossary this weekend.  The Skill Development Program transfer is updated and complete. 

Glossary Rebuild

Form added to the Glossary to allow users to suggest term for inclusion.

Fencing Master Project Rebuild

The introductory page to the Fencing Master Project is complete, along with the form for updating entries.  We are still working on the layout for the data tables.

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